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Our News - February 24, 2022

A selection of the most recent news from the company. Everything you need to know in 100 words or less.

Production plan for this month includes 36 SX200, 10 SX320 GTO and 9 SX320 GTC. The second week of February was the most productive in the company’s history with 5 Sx320 and 9 SX200 boats completed.

The last week of January brought in another award to the ever-expanding collection of our company: Saxdor 320 GTO was awarded Motorboat of the Year 2022 by Motorboat and Yachting in the category of sport boats over 30 feet. Among dozens of new boat launches in the industry worldwide, our Saxdor 320 GTO was noticed as the one that really delivers on its promise. Meticulously inspected and sea tested by the editors of Europe’s leading motorboat magazine, the Saxdor 320 GTO was appreciated for its sharp looks and design tricks that make every minute on the water feel exciting. The jurors agreed the boat is as much fun to sit on and relax at anchor, as it is helming at speed through a chop.

On February 12, we celebrated the second anniversary of release of our very first boat! Since the first Saxdor 200 was completed in February 2020, more than 450 boats of this model have left the shipyard to date.

The first round of company portraits is now available in the Office PL folder in SharePoint. Those who were absent during the first shoot, as well as those not completely satisfied with the results, will have another photo opportunity next month. The dates will be announced via the usual channels in advance.

From February 1, morning production meetings were replaced with a new format aiming to create more engagement and increase overall responsibility within the team. Three-step approach starts with a foreman-master meetings, followed by master-manager and managers-director meetings.

The idea of English courses at the company was met with high demand – more than 40 managers and office staff signed up to participate. Modifying the original plan, instead of three, five different level groups will be created. Individual calendar invites were extended to all participants last week. Current schedule will continue until the end of May 2022, so please clear out your calendars in advance. From June onwards, the hours will be moved towards the end of the working day.

In order to keep up with the most recent organizational changes, the latest version of the organizational chart with and without the employee names is made available for everyone to view in the OfficePL folder in SharePoint. Should you notice any discrepancies compared to your current understanding of the company structure, please send an email to to request changes. The chart will be updated with every new employee entering the organization.

If you are a sports enthusiast and would like to represent our company in amateur or semi-professional sport competitions, we have news for you! You can apply at to receive a sports t-shirt with the Saxdor logo. All you have to do is send us an email with the date of the event and your T-shirt size at least three weeks in advance. 

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