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Combining the best Polish and Scandinavian business practices, Saxdor Yachts is a company operating on the principles of transparency, trust, and communication. At Saxdor, we believe in the free flow of information that enables individuals to understand their position in an organizational context.


Saxdor team members influence their work environment and implement their own solutions, not only limited to narrow responsibilities.


Here, employees are respected and trusted right from the start, and we all work together to make sure they don't get lost over time. This approach affects not only the relations between employees but also those that we establish with our customers by taking care of the quality of our products.



The Saxdor Shipyard, located at 1 Stoczniowa Street in Ełk, currently employs almost 300 boat production in the production of boats in the assembly, lamination, and carpentry departments. If you have experience in the boatbuilding industry or would like to get to know it better through training for a profession, contact us today.


Boat production involves not only lamination and assembly but above all a comprehensive process of design, planning, and logistics for deliveries of finished products. If you have experience in the boatbuilding industry or other production branches where good organization, independence, and precision are required, send us your CV. We will gladly invite you for an interview!

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