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Physical work in boat manufacturing

As a dynamically developing company, Saxdor is constantly hiring for new positions. The shipyard's production line includes work in the lamination, assembly, carpentry and maintenance departments. Individual processes differ in the degree of difficulty, work comfort, and the degree of contact with dangerous factors, for which employees receive additional remuneration.

Practical education

Saxdor Academy is not only professional training but also education in new directions. Working with trainers is to help in better adaptation to new jobs.

Appreciation bonuses

For production employees, we offer bonuses for the implementation of the production plan, 5S principles, and personal involvement in company development projects.

Use of company boat

Internationally acclaimed and sold all over the world, Saxdor boats are our pride and joy, which we would like to share with the entire shipyard team. 

Professional training

For employees willing to enter a higher level of training, we organize group and individual courses in accordance with their professional predispositions. 

Special allowances

We offer an additional allowance for commuting over 25 km and partial coverage of private insurance for the employees and their family members.

Saxdor Profit 

Organized together with the local partners, the Saxdor Profit program covers various services and locations where employees can receive special discounts.

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