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Saxdor Family: Nava Boats

Nava Boats expanded from a two-employee company to a successful enterprise with over 30 experts and have become one of the largest distributors of pleasure boats in the Adriatic.

The history of Nautika Centar Nava, Saxdor’s authorized dealer in Croatia, slightly resembles the one of our company. Rapid growth is a common denominator that helped us bond with the partner who understands our ambition as well as challenges that come with the process of development. “We expanded from a two-employee enterprise to a successful company with over 30 experts and have become one of the largest distributors of pleasure boats in the Adriatic,” said Mia Marijan, one of the Nava owners.

Nautika Centar Nava was founded as one of the first privately-owned companies in the charter business in Croatia. The company headquarters in Split with charter bases in Slano, near Dubrovnik, Rogoznica, and Pula (Istria), and has now more than 30 years of experience in the nautical industry behind its belt. The quality of Nava Boats’ brand is attested by the number of returning clients who rely on their servicing, chartering, and sales offers.

The company is also successfully adapting to the new ways of doing the business caused by the pandemic. “The restrictions which negatively affected tourism sector and boating events all over the world were the biggest challenge for us so far,” Marijan said. In 2020, when most of the boat shows were canceled due to the ongoing pandemic, Nava brought Saxdor 200 SPORT to Biograd Boat Show for the Croatian premiere for the Saxdor brand. „This introduction of Saxdor to many new clients from Croatia and the neighboring countries was the start of a new era for many boating enthusiasts,” Marijan said. Since then, the ongoing collaboration between the two brands has been, according to Marijan, not only exciting and innovative, but also reliable. “We believe that our future collaboration with Saxdor will helps us achieve that goal and offer our clients a superb selection of modern and high-quality motorboats to choose from,” Marijan added.

Nava’s vision is to maintain high quality service in order to remain a leading company in the region. “Our main goal is to put after sales service in first place to have fully satisfied clients,” Marijan said and added: “We hope to keep working together in order to bring all the best boating novelties from Saxdor Yachts to our clients.”

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