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We are Saxdor: Karina Aleszczyk, Production Planning Specialist

With the company from its first days, Karina is one of the few people who knows the entire production process of Saxdor inside out. Her practical approach to work is of key importance in solving many problems related to the execution of the production plan.

We are Saxdor: Karina Aleszczyk, Production Planning Specialist

What made you say yes to Saxdor?

After moving from Krakow to Ełk, I became interested in the boatbuilding industry. As someone who enjoys learning new things and is not afraid of challenges, I was excited about the prospect of working in a new environment, and Saxdor offered me both professional and personal development.

What's a favorite part of your job?

I like presenting complex information in a simple way and explaining complicated processes so that it is clear to everyone. If I had to choose only one aspect, it would definitely be working with people. Without it, I would never be able to see things from a different perspective, and e-mails and phone calls will never replace my direct contact. This hands-on approach is the only way to obtain valuable production information.

Since you joined Saxdor, what is the biggest challenge for you?

The amount of information to be processed to ensure the fulfillment of a production plan can be overwhelming. In addition, interruptions in the supply chain have meant that not only me, but the entire staff must demonstrate great flexibility and understanding of individual stages of production. In such conditions, it is not easy to be motivated, but we try to help each other.

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